Anonymous: Understandable. Hope everything's ok.

It’s not, but thank you anyway. :*

Anonymous: What's wrong?

i really want to say everything on my mind, i do want to answer this question fully. i can’t though; i’ll end up feeling worse if i do. 

Holy Emoly.


*cringes at 9 year old me*

*cringes at 13 year old me*

*cringes at year ago me*

*cringes at day ago me*

*cringes at future me*

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i didn’t realize growing up meant dying inside but hey it’s whatever

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Anonymous: why's everything a "nope" ?

i don’t want to feel what i’m feeling. i’m feeling so much and my timing just sucks. i want to stop time, or get more time. 

i just want to say nope to everything atm.


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